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Patchwork blanket - SORBET

Lots of beautiful colors will liven up your day!

Use it as a blanket or you can use it as a decorative element in your living room.

A unique gift!


For this quilt, I used foreign design fabrics - from the beautifully colored FELICITY SORBET collection by Robert Kaufman.

The back is made of a nicely matched polka dot by AENathan.

The filling is made of luxurious 100% cotton imported wadding of the highest quality. It is a guarantee of long life and utility value. It is warm and beautifully breathable - it is purely natural, softens further by washing and over time does not "sublimate" like artificial wadding.

For a long life, the blanket is sewn with double edging and richly sewn with free quilting on a home sewing machine - a full-area floral pattern and a decorative border.

Due to the high-quality materials used - especially wadding and thread, the blanket is beautifully soft even after stitching and softens even further with further use and washing.

Size: 140X180 cm

Fabric: high quality 100% cotton - quality foreign fabric - USA

Filling: luxury wadding 100% cotton - USA

Threads: Signature - USA

Wash up to 40 degrees, with mild detergent. Can be tumble dried at low temperature.